i-Dance Japan
International Contact Improvisation Festival

In the Autumn,
7 days
Residential Dance Festival.

Dance fully & Play fully
with some of the best teachers and exceptional performers !
We have plenty of food and a lovely place to stay.

2019 seems to be a year of change in the historical flow.
Well, is change something that you make?
or is it something which happens anyway?

Yes, the theme of this year is “Change”.
During contact improvisation, or in daily life situations, or even at a turning point of our lives, changes happen all the time.
So we watch the change,
catch the timing of a change,
and find the best response to the change.

The nature in Jisso at the very north of Kagoshima will inspire you to tap into art-filled unordinary experiences. you are warmly welcomed to immerse yourself in the performance, Workshops, Improvisation Jams, gatherings or taking part in the showing while enjoying the traditional Japanese experience of Onsen (Hot springs), fresh and delicious food, taking walks in nature !

Improvisation Performance [ Dance×Music×Light ]

October 14, Open 14:30 / Start 15:00 Venue: Isa city Cultual Hall

Introducing the performaers!

Improvisation performance by vorious guest artists from many places.

All of dancers, musicians and lighting designers improvise to create art work.
Let's enjoy the chemical reaction of bodies and minds.

Dance:Chris Aiken(USA), Angie Hauser(USA),
    Bong ho Kim(Korea)
    Katarina Skår Lisa (Norway)
Kyuja Bae (Norway/Korea)
    Taiyueh Sean Chen (Taiwan)
Chang Jean Jean (Taiwan)
Tomohiko Tsujimoto
Yoko Tani

Hanano Teshirogi
Tomomi Tamagawa
Madoka Nakjima
Wataru Murakami
Maho Shimada

Chico Katsube
Shoko Kashima 
Music:Naomi Minomo
Chen Pei-Yuan E.T. (Taiwan)

Light:Asako Miura, Tomoko Morita

【Going to theater &Resort Hotel 】

October 14 - 15, 2-19(1night)
Fee:¥12,000 (room・breakfast・going to tewater・dinner・transpotation service) 

14, Mon:Kagoshima Airport(Gathering at 12:40pm )ー Hotel ーarrive at Isa      city Cultual Hall on 14:30pm ー watching the performance・dinner 
    leaving from Isa city cultual Hall on 19:00  ー Hotel

15, Sun Breakfast Check out  Go to Kagoshima Airport

*If you come to the hotel and the teater by your own car, feel free to go there.

Guest Atrists



Chris Aiken (USA) / Angie Hauser (USA) / Bong Ho Kim (Korea) / Katarina Skar Lisa (Norway) / Kyuja Bae (Norway)
Taiyueh Sean Chen (Taiwan) / Chang Jean Jean (Taiwan) / Tomohiko Tsujimoto (Tokyo) / Yoko Tani (Amami)

   E.T. (music) (Taiwan) / Naomi Minomo (music) (Kagoshima)

Host Artist

Supporting Artists

Hanano Teshirogi (Tokyo)/ Maho Shimada (Nagoya)/ Tomomi Tamagawa (Kagoshima)
Madoka Nakajima (Traveler)/ Wataru Murakami (Osaka)/ Fumiko Kobayashi (Okayama)/ Naomi Fujita (Kagoshima)

i-Dance Japan 2017

映像:Shinichi Watanabe
音楽:Naomi Minomo, Ichigo Miura

i-Dance Japan2017 (+Post festival / slide show)

Movie/Photos:Shoko Kashima
Music:Naomi Minomo, Ichigo Miura

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